We have been creating SketchUp extensions for over 10 years ranging from simple to highly complex complete with rich user interfaces.

Below is a short list of our most well-known and loved extensions.

PlaceMaker – Instant Context Builder

PlaceMaker imports aerial imagery and OpenStreeMap data for creating fast contextual models of any location in the world.


SkIndigo – Exporter to Indigo Renderer (Client: Glare Technologies)

SkIndigo was one of the first SketchUp plugins to use a rich web-based dialog interface.


Profile Builder 2

Profile Builder 2 can be used to model intelligent building materials with extreme speed and accuracy.  It also can generate custom take-offs reports and detailed cost estimates.

Artisan Organic Toolset

Artisan is set of powerful subdivision and sculpting organic modeling tools.


Ask us about developing a custom SketchUp Extension to suit your specific needs.