Download BoolTools

Click the button below to download the RBZ file and watch the video for installation instructions.

You will need a license key in order to use BoolTools.

Make sure you have ordered a trial license or commercial license key. Once you have ordered, you will receive TWO emails: a purchase receipt email from MindSight Studios Inc. and another email with your license info.  If you do not receive these emails within 30 minutes after ordering, please contact customer support.

The current version of BoolTools is 2.1.6.  View Release Notes.

By downloading the software, you indicate that you agree to the terms of the license agreement.

Download BoolTools 2 RBZ

How to Install an RBZ in SketchUp

See the video below for licensing instructions.  The video is for Profile Builder 2 but the steps are the same for BoolTools.