Calculate Area, Volume, Length, Weight, and Costs Instantly in SketchUp with Quantifier Pro!

 “I Love your Quantifier Pro and Profile Builder. I use it every day and have recommended it to other companies. Saves me a heap of work and enables me to switch from Solidworks to SketchUp Pro!” – Dave J (Agricultural Equipment Designer)

Use Quantifier Pro to calculate area, volume, length, weight, and costs in your SketchUp model

Quantifier Pro is the ultimate SketchUp plugin for calculating instant quantity and cost reports from your model.

Calculate Area

Compute the area of walls, slabs, roofing, flooring, cladding, and more.  Both projected area (for objects with thickness) and surface area are calculated.

Generate an instant Material Report showing the surface area calculation of all materials in your SketchUp model.

Volume Calculation

Quantifier Pro’s volume calculator is much more powerful than SketchUp’s Entity Info window.  It can determine the total volume of groups and components as well as any nested objects within.  It can even estimate the volume of objects that are not water-tight solids.

Use it to find the volume of concrete, gravel, topsoil, water tanks, and more.

Calculate Weight

By assigning a unit weight density to the objects layer, the weight of the objects in your SketchUp model can be calculated.

Unit weight can be assigned by volume, area, or length.

Quantify Length

The length, width, and height of groups and components is also reported by Quantifier Pro.

Estimate Costs

Export detailed cost calculation reports. Assign re-usable cost rules by layer, material, object, or to the entire model.

Cost Inspector Tool shows complete cost calculation for the selected object to verify accuracy

Reporting Features

  • All reports are model-driven and automatically update when the SketchUp model changes.
  • Fully customizable quantity takeoff reports that can show calculations for volume, length, width, height, projected area, surface area, weight, cost, and more
  • Export HTML or CSV detailed Cost Estimate Reports
  • Use Microsoft Excel (Windows only) to export and import unified cost data across multiple SketchUp models
  • Supports multiple languages and international currency
  • Full control of units and precision displayed in reports
  • Use with Profile Builder 3 for even more power!

Import and Export SketchUp cost data to and from Excel

Share Cost Data across multiple SketchUp models by exporting to Excel

SketchUp 2016 or newer is required for Quantifier Pro.  It is compatible with both Mac and PC.  Purchase a permanent license now for only $79 US.




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