10 SketchUp Masters Reveal the 9 Worst Beginner Mistakes that Kill your Productivity

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We’ve interviewed 10 of the most respected SketchUp Masters (including names like Justin Geis, Matt Donley, and Aaron Dietzen) and asked them to list the most common, time-wasting, glaring, pain-inducing mistakes that almost every SketchUp beginner makes.

You’ll learn key information that EVERY SketchUp beginner (and even advanced users) wishes they would have known sooner:

  • What you should never, ever do when using the SketchUp tools
  • Our #1 workflow tip to massively increase your 3D modeling speed without any training
  • Have you been using Tags wrong? (Does it even matter?)
  • 8 Bonus Tips that will save you HOURS of pain and frustration
  • 2 Bonus Step-by-Step Video Tutorials
  • 7 Habits to develop NOW that will pay huge dividends as you work with larger complex models
  • Where to find the most up-to-date and reliable SketchUp learning resources
  • Get battle-tested advice and insight from the most trusted SketchUp experts to ever push/pull

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