Are you interested in becoming an official reseller or distributor partner?

We have an awesome new reseller portal that we launched in May 2017. It has all of the features you need to get start selling our products in minutes with no headaches.

Request Access to the Portal

Check out these features of our portal:

  • Supports both resellers and distributors
  • Mobile friendly
  • Place direct orders on behalf of a customer OR
  • Redeem anonymous serial numbers purchased from a distributor partner
  • Register and manage your reseller profile
  • Access to marketing material (images, videos, banners)
  • Access to editable user guides for translation into local language
  • Access to product EULAs
  • Access to the latest RBZ installers
  • Custom reseller referral free trial links and redirect integrations
  • Book a reseller training session directly from the portal
  • Searchable Order history
Our Reseller Portal