Essential UV Mapping Tools for SketchUp

SketchUV has been a staple extension for performing complex texture placement since the days of SketchUp 6!  It has a simple interface activated using a combination of the toolbar button and the right-click context menu.  This plugin is highly useful for placing textures on furniture or complex organic models.


  • Planar, Cylindrical, and Spherical UV projections at any orientation
  • Box mapping
  • Tube mapping – great for objects that were created using follow-me
  • Quad face mapping
  • Move, rotate, and scale UVs
  • Triangulate geometry and remove distorted textures
  • Save UVs and Load UVs – change materials and maintain UVs
  • Export and Import UVs using third party UV mapping software
  • Bonus!  Path Selection Tool to help divide complex surfaces into smaller ones for easier mapping.

SketchUV is designed to be easy to use.  However, UV mapping in general takes some getting used to.  Be sure watch the tutorial videos on this page to learn the basics.


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